Last Chance for a Unique Christmas Present

This Blue Cross Structure which is for sale on my Website is a much travelled book.  Well this one isn’t but this style is !  Due to its flexibility, leather and suede laminate, it can be tucked into a large pocket, day bag, handbag, rucksack or whatever.  The leather will mellow with age and it will become a true friend.

I recently took the plunge and opened a Shop on my website.  It is an exciting time to explore the world of global shopping. As a result I find I have to take more photographs of work. This is proving to be quite interesting because you see different aspects of your work through the photograph.  I find that taking more and more photographs of each book helps me to be more objective and to develop new ways of doing things.  I might see a small detail that could be developed or enlarged on another book.  The fall of the light on colour and the juxtaposition of the colours plays up quite dramatically.  For example the edge colouring on this Cross Structure book plays better than I thought it would.