SEB – Spiritual Excersises Book

Next week my husband and I are off beyond the Tamar Bridge to do a week of Spiritual Exercises as advised by St Ignatius of Loyola.  It has been suggested that a notebook will be useful.  I have a feeling a large notebook will be useful.  Having being recently inspired by the story of the Lampedusa Cross which I then went to see at the British Museum  I put the two ideas together and hopefully have come up with a useful book for the week.  The Lampedusa Cross was the last artefact that Neil MacGregor sanctioned for the British Museum before he left.  It is the most moving story of Eritrean Christians being shipwrecked off Lampedusa in 2013 and only a few of them surviving.  A local carpenter  has carved a number of crosses using the wood from the wrecked boat.  The front of the Lampedusa Cross has all the colours of a typical Mediterranean boat that has been to sea on many an occasion.  So the cross on the front of my book is many layers of leathers that is then sanded down to create a smooth surface and one colour blends into the other.

I like the suggestion of a image in the centre of the endpaper.  The paste paper endpapers are made by a friend of mine.