A pin prick of blood

Thank you Kathy Abbott for your tip, many moons ago, for removing a spot of blood on a beautiful clean sheet of paper.  Using your own spittle very gently dab the spot of blood.  Hey presto is gone.

Sweet Thames Run Softly London Exhibition

Shepherds Falkiners

30 Gillingham Street, London SW1V 1HU

19th August – 1st September, 2014


Private View Tuesday 19th August

Earlier this year a good few binders in West Region and elsewhere had great fun and satisfaction in binding Sweet Thames Run Softly as a non competitive design binding project. First published in 1940 the book was an immediate success and was reprinted many times, it is decorated profusely with Gibbings’ own wood engravings.

The project attracted binders of all levels of competence with experts and novices alike providing bindings, these were shown at the SoB National Training Seminar in June and we are delighted to announce that they will be on exhibition at Shepherds Falkiners this August.




Sweet Thames Run Softly

The Sweet Thames Collection is currently being exhibited at Dominic Winter Auction Saleroom at South Cerney near Cirencester.  The Exhibition can be viewed at any time during normal business hours between the 16th -23rd July.   



Our Granddaughter

Yesterday, our eldest son asked his three year old where Mummy was.  “In the shed”.  “In the shed?”  “Yes, in the shed”  “Don’t you mean Grandmum’s lovely new Studio.”  “No in the shed”.

Hmmm, and I had just vacuum cleaned it ……..


A detail on the book of the leather button.


The kingfisher colours on the binding bring to life my favourite wood engraving.  The softly running river with its weaving passage is complemented by the fluidity of the limp binding.  The writer’s journey armed, no doubt, with sketch book and journal, is reflected in the binding structure.

Jeff Peachey Knife

I have just brought this Jeff Peachey knife.  It is wonderful to hold as it is built up in the area of the palm of your hand.  You feel you have real control and  the blade pares leather like a knife through butter.  Just hope I can keep the edge !

Tallinn Book

I love green but I find it quite a difficult colour to work with. Then when supping a cup of tea I was really looking into the colours of the euphobia opposite where I was sitting. It then seemed obvious – just put in a shot of lime green and it really lifts the other green.


So intriguing when you go in really close with the lens as two parallel lines go off in different directions.  The line of the edge of the slipcase and the spine of the book to all intends and purposes are parallel to the eye but in a photo become something quite different.

A bit of a new departure for me !

Using my bookbinding material and tools, leather, suede, gold etc. I have made these earrings.  Price on demand …..